Wukong 3Win8 – The Hottest Slot Game Ever in Malaysia

Wukong Itself is Branded

Wukong is one of the most played online slot games in Malaysia. Some of the illegal internet cafes even use the character “Wukong” as a symbol or logo for their retail businesses. Why don’t they put other slot game characters like the Red Lorry in Highway Kings, or the Dolphin in Great Blue?

This is because Wukong is really really popular in Malaysia. Nearly all of the casino players can easily recognise this game. It is considered one of the leading multiplayer slot games in the local market. As such, Wukong itself is viewed as a branded slot game that represents premium quality.

Nowadays, most of the slot game products would choose to offer this game under their platforms. Leveraging on the strong brand of Wukong, they would be able to attract more slot game players.

Where to Play Wukong?


Since many products are offering this game, how does a player choose the best avenue to play Wukong? Let us quickly have a look at some of the popular slot game products today.

SCR888 should be the first products that would probably come across your mind. Yes, it is really popular. Almost everyone is playing SCR888 game now. Remember when its game server was down for couple of weeks recently? Most of the players would rather wait for its server to resume than switching to other slot game products. I think there is no needĀ for me to explain how success SCR888 is. It also offers Wukong under its mobile slot game series.

From what I have observed, SCR888’s slot game graphic is a bit less superior compared to other products. It never really spend much into game graphic maintenance. Some players are actually attracted by Wukong’s high resolution (HD) as well as dynamic animation. Thus, I would suggest you not to play SCR888 if you are seeking for the best visual effects.


918Kiss is the latest online casino. It is similar to most of the online casinos in Malaysia. As the 918Kiss is offering the online slot games more than other casino games. In the game list of the 918Kiss, it is including about 130 casino games and about 65% of the games are the online slot game.

It is too bored to keep playing the slot games, right? So, the 918Kiss is offering the arcade games as well. But that’s not much of the games included. However, the Wukong is including in the 918Kiss game list as well. You may try the Wukong with the 918Kiss Caisno.


Clubsuncity could be the first product that offers Wukong in Malaysia. It is good as the game is supported in desktop as well as mobile version. What even better is that Clubsuncity mobile slot games are available in both Android and IOS smartphones. This basically caters for everyone’s needs.

Nevertheless, it seems like the winning payout is relatively lower compared to others. I seldom see one can win much from Clubsuncity slot games. Its sister products, namely GreatWall99 and PlayBoy888, are offering exactly the same slot games. Therefore, these products might not be your best choice to play Wukong slot games.


Let me reveal the answer to our earlier question now: 3Win8. 3Win8 is the newest mobile slot game product in Malaysia. It has just been launched not long ago. It’s like hot in the pan now.

Compared to SCR888, 3Win8 tend to have much better quality in terms of game graphic design. Every single detail is well designed to suit for all players’ betting preferences. From navigation pane to slot game engine, you can hardly find any flaw. Besides, its winning payout is pretty much convincing.

Unofficial statistics say that 5 out of 10 3Win8 slot games players tend to win over the longer-term. Of course, its winning payout is not as great as those of SCR888. I believe we don’t just seek for high winning payout as a responsible casino players. At the same time, we prefer to play games with quality graphic design.

With the above criteria, I believe 3Win8 is ranked top of the list. Wukong could never been greater with the advanced online gaming technology in 3Win8. In terms of game layout in mobile version, it is just awesome in 3Win8. The game developers have utilised every single available space inside the mobile layout. The game just fits perfectly in 3Win8.

Tips: How to Win Big from Wukong?

If you were to ask me this question, frankly speaking, my answer doesn’t really help much. Wait a minute. Actually there is no need for us to get tips in order to win from Wukong. With 3Win8, you can basically do nothing to win big. Why would I say so?

In fact, each slot game product would have their own highlighted slot games to attract new casino players. Very naturally, the tactics here is to increase winning payout for some certain slot games. In 3Win8, Wukong is one of the highlighted slot games. It helps 3Win8 to enlarge market share due to its strong brand name as well as reputation.

Only a few slot games would be selected as highlighted slot games within a product. This is why I said that you don’t have to do anything to win big from Wukong. At the end of the day, the banker – 3Win8 still wins. It reaps huge profits from many other slot games in its online gaming platform. Wukong is just considered one of its pipelines to get more new players.


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