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Sic Bo Betting

Betting for the game of Sic Bo can be dated a few centuries during the time of ancient China. This Asian gambling game has no major rule variations. The famous dice game is also known as Sic Bo among the casino players. Besides that, Sic Bo also goes by the name of Tai Sai or Dai Siu. In direct translation, it would also mean “Big Small”.

However, with the advancement of technology, the game of Sic Bo can also be played in the online platform. Whenever casino players play this game, they should have a look at the odds offered for the different long-shot bets if they are going to place their bets. Having the best odds would be very beneficial to the casino players when they place their bets.

Picking the best online casino

Whenever you play the game of sic bo in the online platform, picking the best online casino can be really important. This is because of two simple reasons as listed below:

Only a few selection of online casino have been offering the game of Sic Bo to the casino players.

Given that the rule for Sic Bo is the same everywhere, the software and mobile compatibility of this game can often be the deciding factor.

How to Play Sic Bo

Taking a deeper look into the game, Sic Bo is actually very much like the game of Roulette. Casino players basically have to pick a spot to bet on and see what outcome of the result would be. Some of the most important thing to take note would be how to play conservatively on the shot bets. This is due to the high house edge and to focus on the even money bets with the player’s larger bets. The longer the odds, the bigger the house edge. Therefore, casino players would enjoy a higher return to the player percentage for bets that pay even money.

The rules for the Sic Bo is pretty much simple and straightforward. Before each roll of the dice, casino players simply has to place on what numbers they think will win them the bet. Online casino which offer the game of Sic Bo will usually provide a board listing all the past few rolls for the players reference. However, these results don’t actually help the players to determine what would happen in the next few rolls. But that didn’t stop some casino players to make some prediction base on the trend that they see on the result board. In fact, it can be fun and exciting to try and figure out a pattern base on past results.

The Rule of the Game

The rules for the game are really simple. However the different ways of going about it would varied a little more. Casino players can either choose to go with the low variance route of picking lot of bets and hope that some of his bets will win some casino payout. Some other players would instead choose to pick one or two bets and try to win them a few times in a row. In fact, there aren’t any right way to go about it.

However, the things that casino players need to take note of will be each bet size amount that they place on each round of bet. Casino players should place a balance bet size amount base on their bankroll so that they can play for a longer period of time. Casino players should also remember that the longer the odds are to win, the less they would need to bet to secure a nice win if the number that they bet comes up.

Sic Bo is indeed an easy game to learn. Even the beginners would pick up the game and start winning after a few round bets. If you have been betting Sic Bo in the land casino, you would understand that it can be a hassle to place your bets when the crowd in the casino get bigger. On the other hand, the online casino offer a more convenient and better way to place your bet comfortably at your own pace. Generally, it would be hard to find a better game that offer such big win with a few dollar bet.


In the land casino, the game of Sic Bo is wildly popular in Asia especially Macau. The game is picking up quickly in United States as well as Europe. With the availability of online casino, the game of Sic Bo is now played all over the world. It is time to place your bets in the game of Sic Bo and win big today. Play now at the 918Kiss or the 3Win8 casino.

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