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Lotto Madness Slots

If you are placing your bets with the 918Kiss or 3Win8 casino, you may come across the game Lotto Madness. At first sight, the Lotto Madness slot game might leave some casino players disappointed. This is because the game is actually not lottery based as you might have thought. This has also shocked us initially. However, by taking a close look, we actually find this game joyful to play with. Given the various rewards that you can get to win from this slot game, casino players will not be left disappointed for long.

The Lotto Madness slot come in a common game layout similar to other slot game. The five reel and 20 payline slot come with a general theme of winning the lottery. Casino players will certainly find plenty of rewards to be won here. Apart from that, there are also various ways whereby casino players can win their rewards. For example, one of the most lucrative rewards would be the Dollar Ball Jackpot. Casino players can easily win the Dollar Ball Jackpot by getting the right winning combination. Many casino players who had tried this game would most definitely stick to it. This Playtech title slot game has certainly got many casino players excited by mixing things up when it comes to winning big rewards.

With so many Playtech titles in the market, is Lotto Madness slot really up to the standards and worth your time? Given the information so far, it is very hard to judge how attractive the slot game will actually be. Now let’s have a deeper look into this slot game and find out more about it.

Rolling big and rolling deep

The game comes with a high number of paylines whereby it can increase your probability of winning big. The total number of paylines is actually 20 paylines. However, all casino players do not have to bet on all 20 paylines and they are free to choose the number of paylines where they are comfortable with to place their bets. All players can bet with as many paylines as they like and the final choice will be solely down to the players.

In general, all casino players can bet between the values from $0.01 to $10.00. All players are able to bet multiple coins on any one line if they are looking to raise the stake of their bets. With that being said, the maximum single bet that any players can make per line would be $100. This slot game will definitely excites the high roller who enjoy making big bets.

The base jackpot for lotto madness is set at 10,000 coins. In order to win this jackpot, casino players would have to line up five Wild symbols on any active payline. Many casino players who had played the game had claimed that the slot game come with a high winning payout. Through various betting session from this game, we have found that the average payout percentage can actually go as high as 97.06%.

Scatter across the balls

Similar to other slot game, the Lotto Madness also come with scatter symbols where by it can help casino players to win free spins. One area which the Lotto Madness is differ from other Playtech titles is that the casino players cannot start a bonus game with the scatter symbols. However, they will get immediate cash payout when they line up three or more scatter in their winning payline.

The scatter symbol is represented by the ‘Dollar Sign’. By getting three scatter symbol, casino players will automatically get a payout of 5x their total bet. If you have successfully land four scatter in a row, the payout will be 10x your bet. In the event where you are lucky enough to line up five scatter, you will be getting a total of 50x payout for your baseline bet.

Make a deal and spin the wheel

Getting into the Lotto Madness bonus game can be a little tricky. In order to start the bonus game, casino players would have to land the Bonus symbol on reels one and five at the same time. By doing so, a new screen which include the bonus wheel will get load up and split into different segments.

The bonus game is simple enough to understand and easy enough to play. All the player need to do is just spin the wheel and let it run its course. The wheel will spins around and around until the player win the price it lands on. In most occasion, the rewards would either be a multiplier or a number of free spins. Inside the bonus feature, the top prize would be 20 free spins with 10x multiplier. Any players can have a serious payout boosting potential when they are able to get into the bonus game.

Method behind the madness

The bonus symbols in this game are purely for triggering the bonus round. There’s no extra bonus handed out for “just getting” the bonus symbols. You either get the bonus game or you get nothing. While it is possible to still trigger the bonus game during a free spin, you don’t get to play the game again. Instead, what happens is that you will receive a random amount of free spins to be added on top of your current total.

This lack of “additional extras” may leave some disappointed, but it can certainly be argued that everything else offered in the game certainly makes up for that.


The Lotto Madness would be the slot game for you if you are looking to win with simple slot game while not losing all your money in one go in the process. According to our past experiences, the Lotto Madness would initially payout small figures. However, it will payout often enough to keep the players playing the game. Generally, this slot game is perfect for the newbies who are getting started with online slot game. On the other hand, the payout is also attractive enough to satisfy experienced casino players. The Lotto Madness might not have the graphic which will blow you away, but it would certainly have the power to keep you entertained on each occasion.


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