Great Blue Slot: Massive Rewards Awaits

Great Blue Slot Game

The Great Blue slot is one of the top favorite slot game that is favored by most casino players. Rank among the top slot game of all time, Great Blue slot is the online slot game that you must tryout. Playtech is the developer of this slot game and many casino players come to know about this slot game through the famous underwater theme.

Being one of the highest variance slot game, casino players will find it to be highly volatile slot. High variance slot has the tendency to reward high payout. Casino players who enjoy high volatility and risk would definitely enjoy the Great Blue slot.

High Variance Slot Game

Playing the high variance slot can be really rewarding. However, it has some downside as well. Any high variance and highly volatile slot game has the tendency to slump into a long lean spells. However, given its big rewards, many casino players still think it worth a try to win the bonuses from this slot game.

In actual fact, the Great Blue slot is a fantastic game fill with great graphic and thrilling background game music. The slot game will feature many stacked wilds, great effects and longevity. If the Great Blue slot is available at the land casino, it would definitely gather same amount of excitement from the casino player. Many casino players like to place their bets with Great Blue slot because of the big bonuses that they offer. The game is filled with wild and scatter symbol that will help the casino players to form the winning combination needed for their rewards. One of the most lucrative bonus that casino players will receive from the Great Blue involve hitting three or more clam shells on any given five reels in play.

Bonus Game

During the bonus round of the game, casino players will travel to the bottom of the ocean floor. The next scene would involve five clams at the bottom of the ocean floor. This is when the casino players are require to choose 2 out of the 5 clams available. During the bonus round of the game, casino players are given the chance to receive additional free spins and bet multiplier. Any casino players can get rewards as much as 33 free spins and bet multiplier of 15x. Yes, you heard it right. 15x multiplier!!



Now that you understand how the payout system work and how Great Blue is able to award payout of over 100x. The bonus round is the deciding factor on how much you can earn through the Great Blue slot. Personally, we had great experience with the Great Blue slot game. However, we must warn you that this slot game remain as one of the highest volatility and highest variance slot in the market. In some occasion, it seem like it is taking too long before hitting three or more clam scatters to enter the bonus round.

If high variance slot is your style of play, the Great Blue slot will provide you with the chance to grab superb win. Many casino players had played this slot game and have got favorable results. In the long run, the Great Blue slot will remain as one of the most competitive slot game for winning big rewards. Enjoy the Big Win with the 918Kiss and 3Win8 casino Great Blue slot.

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