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Cleopatra’s Gold Review

Cleopatra Gold slot has made a strong presence in the online casino industry ever since its debut.  The game is well developed by slot game powerhouse Real Time Gaming (RTG). If you have not played this slot game before, you may be missing out on some of the big bonuses that it provides for the casino players.

The 5 reel and 20 paylines slot would allow a maximum bet of 20 coins per payline. The general theme of the slot is set way back to the wealthy ancient civilizations. If you enjoy ancient Egyptian civilization, this slot game will bring you unexpected thrill and excitement.

With a brief look at the slot game, you will notice that the dessert made up the background of the slot. The game is filled with rewards. Therefore, it is the top choice for most casino players when it comes to slot game betting.

Rewarding Symbols

While betting in Cleopatra Gold slot, you will come across many types of symbols on the reels which is filled with the Ancient Egyptian mythology. Throughout your betting session, you will also come across the wild symbol which is represented by ‘Cleopatra’ herself.

Other than the rewarding wild symbol, there are also many high value symbols such as the Scarab and the Cat which can be used to form some of the most rewarding winning combination for you. In this slot game, the Eye of Horus will represent the power while the Ankh or Anstate will mean fertility.

Progressive Jackpot

All casino players would have a dream of striking it rich when they hit the jackpot. The Cleopatra Gold slot would be your greatest chance to win the progressive jackpot. Apart from that, the Cleopatra symbol would also provide you with the highest chance to win the fixed jackpot. It will also double your payout whenever it is used to substitute other symbols in your winning combination. For additional casino bonus, the Scatter symbol would allow you to activate the free spin bonus round in this game.

Game Setting

Being a conventional slot, the Cleopatra Gold would allow slot players to set their wager before their bet. All casino players would have different risk appetite. According to your betting preference, you may set your wager to 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 and also 5.00.

Besides that, you may also select the number of lines that you wish to bet in. However, we do highly recommend that you bet with the maximum 20 paylines to enable yourself the highest chance to win big rewards. With a higher number of lines bet, you can form more winning combination to win the game.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Wild and scatter symbols are always the main focus in all slot games to activate the biggest casino payout of the slot. The Cleopatra Gold is no different as well. The wild symbol will be able to offer direct line payout for the winning slot players. If so happened that you have accumulate 5 Cleopatra symbols in your payline, you will automatically win 10,000 coins as your rewards.

The Pyramid symbol is the scatter symbol of the slot and it is used to trigger the scatter payout. This scatter payout will be activated when you land 2 or more scatter anywhere on the reels of the slot. By any chance if you get 5 scatter symbol in one spin, you would be greatly rewarded with 500 coins as your payout.

Three or more scatter in a round would also allow you to trigger further free spin bonus round. When you enter the free spin round, you will be rewarded with 15 free spins at tripled the payout. The greatest part about the free spin round is that they can be re-triggered for an unlimited amount of times.

Rewarding Features

If you are a fan of progressive jackpot, the Cleopatra Gold would offer you the best chance to win one. The progressive jackpot of this slot game can be triggered randomly and it is not dependable on the amount that you wager. Besides that, it is also not dependable in the combination that appear on the enabled paylines.

If the above-mentioned rewards are not exciting enough for you, there is another jackpot which is worth 1,000 coins in this to rewards you further. You will get to trigger this jackpot when you manage to collect 5 Scarab symbols or 5 cat symbols in your enabled payline.

When you are betting with Cleopatra Gold, you would be getting hours and hours of non-stop entertainment. There is some animation when you see the Cleopatra symbol substitute other symbols in the winning combination. There will also be some animation when the Pyramid symbol trigger the scatter payouts. However, these animations would not be as illustrative as the newer slot games in the market.


If you are looking for a slot game with great graphic, the Cleopatra Gold would just be an ordinary slot. However, if you are playing to win big rewards, the Cleopatra Gold is one of the slot game which provide the highest returns. The slot game would be most suitable for players with low to mid-level of risk taking. Join the 918Kiss casino or the 3Win8 casino today and start winning big rewards.


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