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Captain Treasure Pro: Promising Big Win

Captain Treasure Pro

If you enjoy playing online slot game, Captain Treasure Pro is the slot game that you would not want to miss. The Captain Treasure pro is a non-progressive slot game with 5 reels and 20 paylines. There are many rewarding symbols that you will find throughout the game. Apart from the amazing graphic and animation, casino players who had tried the game will also be wow by the great gaming experience that it provide. Besides that, there are also great sound effect that will accompany you along your winning journey. There are many cash prizes that will provide a great opportunity to win big rewards. Captain Treasure Pro had made many casino players happy and satisfied with the time that they spend on while playing it.

Pirates Slot Game

The Captain Treasure Pro slot revolve around the theme of wild sea pirates. By playing the game, you will get the experience of sailing on a pirate ship. There are many thrilling adventure ahead which can make your gaming experience an unforgettable one. Throughout the game, these adventures would mean big win for the casino players. The main character of the slot game would be Captain Blackbeard. This would be the man steering the ship to find great treasure while smoking his pipe. Other than that, you will find many pirate themed symbol such as cannons, treasure chest and also a great talking parrot.

Wild and Scatter Symbol

The Wild symbol of the game would be the Captain. On the other hand, the Scatter symbol for this game would be the Treasure Chest. By getting at least one Wild, casino players will get to double their wins easily. However, the wild will only occur on the reels 2, 3 and 4 in the game. Apart from that, with 2 to 5 scatter, casino players will also get to multiply their wins. The only criteria for multiplying the win would be that the scatter symbol have to be consecutive to enable the great payout.

Promising Win with Big Rewards

Along the game, you can have the Wild and Scatter combined into one. This would be an unusual scenario for some casino players but it would result in a promising and exciting payout opportunity. There are also many free spins up for grabs. Casino players who wish to win big can aim for the grand jackpot which offer a great opportunity to make a big difference to your winning amount. In the world of Captain Treasure Pro, casino players may find great sound, graphics and thrilling experience that will provide great opportunity for them to win big in many ways. One of the casino players that we came across won $10,000 with a small deposit of only $300 while playing the Captain Treasure Pro.

Mystery Scatter

One of the exciting feature that you will find while playing this game is the mystery Scatter. This symbol would be power and useful in many occasions. It can act both as Wild and the Scatter to form your winning combination. Casino players aiming to win the jackpot can do so by getting 5 Treasure Chest, or 5 Captains on one payline. The Captain Treasure Pro is a progressive lotto style jackpot coming in a side game.

Apart from that, casino players can also look forward to another big win within the game. By getting a combination of 3 or more Treasure Chest or 3 or more Captains, casino players will be greatly rewarded with 10 free spins. This features can be really rewarding as it will add a 5,000x multiplier to your payout.

Double Your Win

By placing your bets with Captain Treasure Pro, casino players will get another opportunity which can raise their wins. In order to start this feature, casino players would need to get a winning combination first. They would then require to choose if they wish to double their wins or if they feel like half doubling their win.  Within the gambling mode of this game, you will be playing against the dealer’s card. You will be doing so by picking one card from a stack of cards. By getting your card value higher than the value of the dealer’s card, you would then win this bonus feature. However, in the occasion whereby you get a draw or lower value card, you winnings will be forfeited. All in all, this feature provide a great opportunity to win big with Captain Treasure Pro.


There are no other game which can provide such a big rewards for the slot game players other than Captain Treasure Pro. Try it for yourself today and grab your easy win now. Sign up to 918Kiss or 3Win8 casino to enjoy all the thrill of Captain Treasure Pro.


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