Blackjack Secret Technique That You Should Know

The game of blackjack is one of the most ancient casino game of all time. Given the long history of blackjack, many casino players remain excited while playing the game during their frequent trip to the casino. With the popularity of online casino, blackjack players may even enjoy the game anytime anywhere.

Being one of the oldest and most famous game of all time, many casino players are looking for ways to gain competitive advantage in the game. One of the most well-known technique that is wildly popular in beating the blackjack dealer is card counting. This technique is widely publicized through some of the blockbuster Hollywood movies.

In actual fact, there are many card counting technique that blackjack professional has been using to win from their game. However, in order to be a successful blackjack player, one are require to study and practice the game intensively. Apart from that, having lots of patient and some luck will also bring you to great new heights. In this article, we will be sharing the top five technique that casino professional has been using to win consistently in blackjack.

Martingale Blackjack Technique

This technique has been regarded as one of the most popular betting technique by many professional. Often time, casino players will find the Martingale strategy to be easy to learn and easy to use.

By using this technique, casino players will need to double their bet after each loss. For that reason, casino players should never start their bet with a big bet. In the occasion when you lose a hand, you are required to double your previous bet. The fundamental idea behind this technique is that you will win sooner or later. In the end, casino players will eventually get back all their money.

Casino players will maintain their risk level at the minimum while using this technique. However, casino players might risk wiping out their bankroll if they slump into a losing streak. All gambler should know the risk involve while gambling in blackjack.

Reverse Martingale Blackjack Betting Technique

Some casino players call this the “glass-half-full” version of Martingale technique. As oppose to the technique above, the Reverse Martingale Blackjack Technique require casino players to double their bet every time they win. By doing so, the casino players will be playing with the money that they have previously won. This technique will also decrease the risk as compare to placing huge bet after losing six, seven times in a row.

While using this strategy, casino players would have to practice lots of self-control. They would need to know when to stop doubling their bets. Casino players with no self-control might end up losing all their winnings. As a result, casino players will have to start from the beginning again.

Parlay Blackjack Betting Technique

Another technique which is famous among the blackjack players would be the Parley Blackjack technique. This classic betting technique are also widely used in other bets such as horse betting, football betting, etc. However, the origin of this technique can be trace back to the horse racing bettors. As time pass, blackjack players has tweak this technique to make it useful for winning blackjack as well. Through using this technique, casino players will get to minimize their risk and use their winnings instead of their own money for the next bet.

Most casino players will use this technique as it has limited risk involved. Besides that, casino players would have the flexibility to be more daring and increase their winnings without having to empty their bank account.

Labouchere Blackjack Betting Technique

As compare to other blackjack technique, the Labouchere technique is more complicated. Many casino players have been using this technique for maximum profitability from time to time.

When using this technique, casino players need to write down a series of numbers. In total, a series of six or seven numbers would be sufficient for this technique. However, casino players need to make sure that the number would be between four and eight. Apart from that, the starting number should also not be any larger than six.

As an example, the number sequence is 4-5-4-7-6-8-5. Casino players can start by adding the first and last number in the sequence then make a bet accordingly. For instance, in our example, you would have bet $9 or nine units. The next bet would require you to bet $13 and so on. You would have to do this till your row is completed. Whenever you lose a bet, you would have to add the amount you wagered to the end of the sequence. Let’s say you lost the first hand in the sequence, you would then have to add a nine to the end of your sequence and would have made a second bet of $14.

By using this technique, casino players will eventually win back all their losses. Once the casino players get used to this technique, it would really be their favorite method to use.

Oscars Grind Blackjack Betting Technique

The Oscars Grind is another famous technique that is often used. Anyhow, casino players shall never expect to go into the casino in the morning and come out with a fortune at noon. Any players who like the grid would find this technique to be most useful.

The Oscar Grind technique will enable the casino players to use a progression of winning bets to assist them to win big. Under this technique, casino players would need to double their winnings until they lose. After losing the set, they have to begin with betting one unit until they are back to a profit. After the first profit, they can start to double their bet again.

This technique would also offer lower betting risk for the casino players. However, please do not expect it would produce massive earnings at once. Casino players who practice patient while using this technique would reap in the big gain in longer run.


Professional blackjack players have been actively using these technique to reap in maximum gain from their game of blackjack. However, casino players would still need to take precaution that there aren’t any waterproof technique for winning all your bets. Most casino would have the odds stack against you. By using the right method and strategy to place your bets, you can gain the winning edge over the casino. Place your bets in blackjack today. Register a free account of the 918Kiss or the 3Win8 casino.


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