The Best Slot Games from 3Win8 Casino

3Win8 is a centralized mobile slot gaming platform that has been launched only a few months ago but had grabbed the hearts of gamers all around the world. 3Win8 collaborates several gaming platforms which have been popular in the past time such as Playtech, Clubsuncity and the two most played gaming platforms, SCR888 and 918Kiss. There are many interesting online slots which have taken over the world such as Monkey Thunderbolt, Ocean King 3, Horse Derby, Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat to name a few. With amazing graphics and vivid hues, 3Win8 online gaming slots present a user-friendly and thrilling experience which every gamer seeks for.

Let us take a look at the 5 popular online slots among the many which 3Win8 offers.

Monkey Thunderbolt

This rewarding online slot is one of the most sought after online games due to the amazing bonuses and prizes which it offers. It is based on a Chinese story in which the monkey who wins climbs to the top of the world in the fastest possible time. With a number of challenges faced by the monkeys in the game, you have to bet on the most skillful monkey that can help you win the race and win multiple rewards. With amazing graphics and added on sound effects, multiple bets can multiply your chances of winning.

Thai Paradise

The main theme of this slot being the beautiful island of Thailand and its white beaches, this game can keep you entertaining throughout the play with the help of its amazing graphics and animation. It is a five reel slot with up to 15 pay lines and 3 rows. A number of symbols coordinate to help you achieve the desired row. There are various high-value symbols such as a Buddhist temple, an elephant and a boat and low-value symbols such as letters and alphabets. The bonus feature is activated when you receive the ‘flower’ symbol which also acts as a wild symbol.


Roulette is one of the most played online slot games. This game is also associated with many betting strategies and is called as ‘Roulette Betting Strategies’. Betting is a strategy that has to be applied through math and that is exactly what roulette constitutes. Apart from that, the Roulette is also a mathematical game that needs to be played with the mind.

There are many strategies named to play roulette such as the martingale roulette system, reverse martingale, Fibonacci roulette system, reverse Fibonacci, James Bond Roulette system and Flat Betting to name a few. Hence, roulette can either be a 100% success or a 100% failure, depending on how well you use your mind. Roulette is not preferred by everyone since it is a mind game and only geniuses prefer to play it. The Fibonacci Roulette system and James Bond Roulette system are comparatively hard but work efficiently once you get a grip on it.

Highway Kings

Highway kings is an online slot that has been popular since ages and players from all around the world are quite familiar with this phrase. The newer and improved version of this online slot is gaining recognition and spreading like fire. With free bonus games and jackpots, this game is quite fun with the improved graphics and sound quality. The path to Progressive jackpots is improved and quite fun among players who have been playing this slot for ages.

Great Blue

This is a 5 reel and 25 pay lines online slot game which is similar to the game play of Highway Kings. The main theme of this game is Underworld Sea and the animation accorded to it is praiseworthy. The main character being the great blue killer whale, this game also has symbols in the form of characters that you have to spin and coordinate in order to win rewards. If three or more sea shell symbols or scatter symbols line up on your screen, then this opens up your bonus feature. You win 8 free spins and the prizes and reward value doubles. If again you are lucky enough to win 3 or more scatter symbols, then you get 15 more spins.

These are some of the many online slots which are associated with 3Win8 Casino. Check out and play some to have an amazing and thrilling time.

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