Animal Circus Slot (3Win8 Casino): Massive Rewards

Animal Circus Arcade Slot Game

Animal Circus is one of the most famous online slot game from 3Win8 casino. The popularity of this game is partly due to the similarity with the Animal Band slot from Clubsuncity casino. There are plenty of exciting slot games that casino players may find in the 3Win8 platform. However, the Animal Circus will always manage to stand out among the rest for casino players who enjoy playing Arcade style slot game. Unlike any other online casino slot game, Animal Circus is more thrilling and rewarding for anyone who place their bet in this game.

Easy to Bet, Easy to Win

While placing your bets in Animal Circus, casino players will come across 4 types of animal throughout the game. These animal will include crocodile, tiger, squirrel and panda. Apart from betting solely on the animal, casino players will also need to take note of the colors in which the animal will land and match with. There are 3 types of color that the players can choose from and they consist of red, green and yellow. In total, casino players will end up with 12 betting options whereby they can place their bets in.

Besides that, casino players who are looking for more rewards can have the option to place their side bet in other betting option such as the Banker, Tie and also the Players. With so many betting option available, casino players can easily place multiple bets in each round. By placing multiple bets, casino players will have to chance to win multiple payout and winnings on each betting session.

Animal Circus is filled with big bonuses

Excitement never end when you place your bets in Animal Circus slot. The game is filled with surprising rewarding bonuses. All casino players have a high chance of winning big with this game. Within the game, many casino players have manage to win the Cannon Bonus. Whenever the Cannon Bonus appear, casino players will get to grab 2, 3, 4 or 5 multiplier on their win.

Gold Animal Bonus

Apart from that, casino players will also get to win the Gold Animal Bonus. It will be very rewarding at times. This bonus would bring more rewards to the players no matter which type of animals and color that the winning result land on.

Stage Bonus

Another bonus that casino players will often come across would be the Stage Bonus. Within this bonus, the stage feature will randomly appear and give the casino players extra stop, more opportunities and more win.

Color Bonus

Casino players will also be surprise by the Color Bonus of the game. Whenever the Color Bonus appear, casino players will grab their win in any animals as long as the color are considered to win. The Color Bonus would be an easy way for casino players to get their massive win.

Jackpot Bonus

Betting with Animal Circus can really be very lucrative because of the Jackpot Bonus that this game offer. Casino players can place multiple bets to increase their chances of winning the jackpot. Besides that, the players will also be rewarded with random jackpot in some occasion. In one of the example, a casino players that we came across manage to register for a 60,000 coins jackpot win in one of his betting session.

Animal Circus is a better option

The Animal Circus slot game would be a better option for casino players looking for a multiple rewards and high winning odds. The game is filled with various types of casino bonuses that will worth every seconds of your time. If you are bored playing other casino games such as Bonus, Bears, Rush 6, Captain Treasure, Three Kingdoms, etc. Animal Circus would be a great addition to your lucrative online casino journey. Sign up for 3Win8 Casino today and place your bets in Animal Circus. Other than 3Win8 Casino, you may check out the 918Kiss Casino for the Anima Circus.

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