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Casino bonus is the new form of online casino rewards whereby the players get to enjoy the benefits even before they place their bets. With the existence of the casino bonus, many casino players are actually switching their betting preference to the online platform. Given so much benefits that casino players get to enjoy, it would only be a matter of time before all casino players will be placing their bets online.

The emerging trend of the online casino has raise the bar for gambling. This has certainly change the habit of people from all section of the society. As a result of that, there are a growing list of online casino and most of them will be facing tough competition from one another. One of the main tool that the online casino will be using to attract more customers would be through the use of casino bonuses. They are the main source of attraction to get their websites discover and attract new members to sign up. Apart from that, there are also many form of casino bonus whereby the online casino rewards the loyal members in their platform.

By claiming the casino bonus, online gambler will get to enjoy these benefits simultaneously. Through this article, we have discuss some of the most popular type of casino bonuses that is offered by the online casinos.

Sign-up Welcome Bonus

By joining the online casino, all players can expect a warm welcome from the online casino in the form of sign-up bonus. Most of these bonuses are also known as new player bonus. In most occasion, the casino players will only get to claim this bonus once. Most of them will only be able to do so at the beginning when they join the online casino.

The online casino on the other hand will throw out the most lucrative offer into the Welcome Bonus. They will be hoping to attract the majority of the casino players by offering the most lucrative and eye catching bonus into their Welcome Bonus.

Promotion Bonuses

The Promotion Bonus is most often used by the newly form online casino. In most occasion, this bonus will only be offered for a limited period of time. The Promotion Bonus can be lucrative at times and would act as easy entry into the online casino. Under this bonus, some casinos are offering free play for the casino games in their platform. By offering the Promotion Bonus, the online casino can earn permanent registered members and get these players to get familiar with the useful features of their platform.

No Deposit Bonus

The No Deposit Bonus would be very similar with the Promotion Bonus. Most of these bonuses would allow the casino players to gamble free of cost. There are many advantages that casino players get to enjoy by choosing this category of bonuses. Through the No Deposit Bonus, casino players will get a deposit with limited sum of money into their betting account. They can often use this type of bonus to wager in some advanced casino games. By doing so, casino players will get to test the proficiency of the games offered by the online casino.

Referral Bonus

After signing up with Promotion Bonus or Sign-up Bonus, casino players will also get to claim another type of bonus which is called the Referral Bonus. Under this bonus, casino players will get to refer the online casino to their friends and other people who are interested in online gambling. For every successful referral who end up registering with the online casino, the online casino would be more than happy to provide you with Referral Bonus.

Match Bonus

Some of the casino players would consider the match bonuses to be the most attractive bonus among all. Under this category of bonus, the casino players will get the exact bonus amount as what is deposited by him or her into their gambling account. For example, if the casino players make a deposit of $200 into his account, under the match bonus, $200 will be rewarded into his account. In total, the casino players will get to wager with $400 in casino games of his choice.

Other Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Often times, online casinos will also be offering Reload Bonus in order to retain its existing members. In some occasion, the online casino will be offering new bonus in a particular month to its existing customers. This is done so to prevent the existing members from leaving the online casino before waiting for the bonus month.

On the other hand, the Sticky Bonus will allow the players to bet using the money deposited by the casino into his or her account. However, the casino players are not allowed withdraw any amount from the bonus money. Casino players can only withdraw the money earn by them using the money after which it is removed from the account.

Another bonus which is famous among the casino players is the Loyalty Bonus. This is the type of bonus whereby the online casino reward their members for remaining their membership for a long period of time.

The High Roller Bonus is often offered to the players who attain this status by making large sum of deposit into their account. Most online casino would consider their member to be a high roller when they make a deposit of more than $1000 into their gambling account. The High Roller bonus would often time be more lucrative than the any other types of bonuses.

Finally, casino players may also come across casino bonus such as the Preferred Deposit Bonus. Under this type of bonus, casino players will get rewarded for choosing to make their deposit through the most preferred way chosen by the online casino.


Online casinos has taken gambling to the level of excitement. By offering casino bonus to players, casino players would get the most out of their own deposit. On your next trip to the online casino, do remember to claim your casino bonus before making a bet. You can apply the casino bonus to the 918Kiss, SCR888, or the 3Win8 Casino.


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